Projects and Presentations.

Here you will find downloadable pdf files of some major projects I’ve worked on either for use in libraries or major research projects that have been presented at conferences in the form of posters. I will also eventually add links to research guides I’ve published while working as a librarian.

Please make use of them for your library, personal research or education. I’m excited to share my work with you, but please if you use it in any way apply credit where credit is due.

UDL in the Stacks – The Library, Universal Design and Servicing College Students– This presentation was delivered at Centennial College’s Inclusive Education for All Students conference on January 18th, 2017. It is a brief look at the principles and ideas behind Universal Design for Learning as they apply to Libraries and Library Services. 

Gay Literature Research Guide – This is a library guide to help librarians promote LGBTQ literature to their patrons. I created this guide in conjunction with a similar guide on creating Reader Advisory programs for gay and lesbian pulp novels.

Rohweder Gay Pulps Reader Advisory Guide – My doctoral research was based on 1950s and 1960s gay and lesbian pulp novels, which I then converted into a library guide that librarians can use to this genre – and works like them – into their collections, library activities and reader advisory initiatives.

AskON Poster – This poster was created in conjunction with askON, an Ontario based virtual reference system, where I measured one of the service’s key evaluative measures and how to utilize those measures to improve their services to users and help increase users information literacy.

Rohweder RA in a Day Poster 2013 – This poster was created for the Ontario Library Association’s RA in a Day conference in 2013 where I spoke about finding ways to include LGBTQ literature – specifically gay and lesbian pulp novels – into reader advisory programs.


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