On the rather slim chance that you actually want to know something about me, I thought I would say a few random things about me – or at least the essentials of what you need to know while reading my musings on the lovely world of literature.

I am a librarian – I spend most of my time working at a reference desk at a college in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) where I spend a great deal of time talking about fashion, sustainable construction techniques, architectural plans and explaining to students how to print from the library’s computers. Which means I get to spend very little time recommending books to patrons, ordering books, designing displays about the library’s collections…all those things I imagined myself doing when I started Library School way back in 2012. Which, in turn, means I am desperately searching for a place where I can talk about books. Do a little reader advisory and just generally share my love of literature.

But before I talk about my love of literature, let me talk about how I stopped loving books and reading.

You see, before I was a librarian – before I even thought about becoming a librarian – I was a PhD student in English Literature. And while I was a PhD student, well…I stopped enjoying the act of reading. In fact, I stopped liking books altogether. Books became all about work for me. All about having another task to complete. I got no joy by reading, because reading was part of my full-time job. I read what I had to. I read what was needed for my exams. I read what was needed for the dissertation. I read what I had to for classes – those I took and those I taught. But I very rarely picked up a book for pleasure…why read to relax when i had Netflix?

Even long after the PhD was a somewhat distant memory, I still didn’t read all that much. Book award winners passed me by, critic choices were overlooked at the bookstore. I let my library account expire and I just didn’t bother to renew it. On airplanes, I was more likely to watch a movie on my ipad than I was to open the Kobo app. I stopped being an avid reader. And this was incredibly strange for me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a reader – I would read anything and everything that I could get my hands on. I read on the bus. I read while walking. I read in my room, in the kitchen, in cafes, in parks, in garages…and then I just stopped.

And then…I started Library School. Suddenly, I started reading again.

Here are the things that contributed to my return to reading: I moved and suddenly had a 50 minute subway commute, I wasn’t reading novels for work – I was reading articles and essays about librarianship. But most importantly, I discovered that I wanted to start reading again.

So I did.

It started with a mystery novel that my (then) boyfriend (now husband) recommended. I read it in a day. Then it was another. And another. And another…I renewed my library card. I renewed my frequent shopper card at my favorite bookstore. I started pulling books I had bought, but never read, off my bookshelf. I couldn’t get enough.

2013 was a great year. I read the entire Harry Potter series in one go. I read all those award winners I never got around to. I worked my way through mysteries (some good, some bad). Then 2014 – I didn’t read that much between January and April as I was finishing my degree, but then April hit and suddenly I was up to 4-7 books a month.

I read 87 (maybe more) books last year.

I am a reader again.

This blog is all about my rediscovered love of reading and books and book culture. I will talk about books I’ve read, bookish stories I’ve heard and read about, new releases, old releases, movies about books, book challenges and everything else that fits the bill.

Please enjoy – I promise I’ll try not to be boring,

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